Download MEGAsync 3.5 2018 Offline Installer

Download MEGAsync 3.5 2018 Offline Installer . Review - Synchronize coordinators with the online MEGA accumulating outside of anyone's ability to see and perform cloud fortifications of your most fundamental records and envelopes. MEGAsync is a clear and easy to use application that enables you to influence a path between an area to source coordinator and a cloud drive, remembering the ultimate objective to perform report synchronization.
Download MEGAsync 3.5 2018 Offline Installer
MEGAsync 3.5

Download MEGAsync 3.5 2018 Offline Installer

Straightforward join

The program requires that you make a MEGA record and set up your cloud drive, by then select an adjacent source envelope for synchronization. When you join, whatever is left of the methodology is fundamental. You should basically copy or revive the archives you wish to synchronize in the area gave envelope. The trade is done in a glimmer.

You can change your cloud drive by making specific registries with a particular ultimate objective to sort your records. The item empowers you to alter any kind of record.

Tremendous storage space

After setup, MEGAsync continues coming up short without hesitation, so it doesn't interfere with various techniques you encounter. You can without quite a bit of an extend get to MEGAsync's basic menu from the system plate and view the most recent updates, and furthermore the measure of room available on your cloud drive.

Your MEGAsync cloud account supports up to 50GB of data space, which settles on it a suitable decision for going down your fundamental archives. It is all the more supportive since the synchronization is modified, inferring that any record added to the source envelope is immediately copied to the cloud.

Methods and settings

The synchronization method is steady, so the item demonstrates the status of trade when you restore it to desktop. Regardless, you can crush Pause and suspend the synchronization at whatever point.

Your record tab in the settings menu demonstrates the related email address and the level of control of the storage space. Besides, you can re-try the cloud space by making new envelopes and set limitations to the transmission limit. When synchronizing records, you can select to play a full cloud account revive or trade reports to specific coordinators.


MEGAsync is an intuitive and tried and true programming that offers a differentiating alternative to record fortification and empowers you to use storage space on the web and furthermore make duplicates for your files, executables, databases and other fundamental things. You can invigorate the records in your adjacent envelope by then examine them on your cloud drive in a split second.

MEGAsync (MegaDownloader) securely associates with your program, managing MEGA record trades for updated execution.

MEGAsync Features:


Your data is mixed end to end. It's unrealistic for anybody to get it abide away or in travel.


Coordinate any envelope from your PC to any coordinator in the cloud. Alter any number of envelopes in parallel.


Adventure MEGA's intense establishment and multi-affiliation trades.


Set away to 50 GB in vain!

Note: To use MEGAsync you need to make a record.

Download MEGAsync Latest Version

Download MEGAsync 3.5 2018 Offline Installer

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